Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Planet Sub: 11th & Main

Tuesday, January 2, 2007
Most people in KC have been compelled to eat at Planet Sub at some point. You have your opinion. Like most establishments of its ilk, the food is good enough, but not necessarily the stuff you crave. PS is fairly quick, easy, dependable, and doesn't suck. Of course, that's not good enough.

The 11th Street location is a veritable zoo at noon on weekdays. It's almost depressing that so many people want the bland predictability of chainsville. But given the alternatives, it's also not so surprising. My first ever visit to PS had me staring blankly at the sea of people eating in the place; the urge to run away from this mayhem was overwhelming. But I stuck with it, deciding to get a sub to go. I stood in a long line before ordering and afterwards prepared to wait awkwardly by the soda machine for my sandwich to emerge from the kitchen.

Oh yes, the gimmick. Instead of taking names or handing out numbers, the wise folks at Planet Sub hand out playing cards. I was handed the Ace of Clubs. Cute, huh? This sort of corporate playfulness sickens me. Not one minute after paying a dude calls out "ace of clubs!" and i get my sandwich before many others who preceded me. When I get back to my workplace I discover that it was completely the wrong order. Never have I been so happy to get screwed over, replete with the knowledge that the gimmick failed.

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Melissa said...

Planet Sub sucks!

Jimmy John's....now THERE'S a sandwich.

Paul said...

By the way, you may know by now but Planet Sub isn't a corporate deal, they just have a handful of locations and were started in Lawrence.

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