Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aixois: the drunkard's lunch

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
A few Saturdays ago when the weather was a little warmer, my lady friend and I decided to get out of the house and take a long walk. I had stayed up somewhat late the night before and was feeling a little fuzzy. My breakfast had consisted of a small bowl of Good Friendstm cereal, three cups of coffee and half a xanax. I thought some exercise would do me some good, so we headed out the door in the general direction of Loose Park. We never made it.

You see, an obstacle was in our way: the dreaded French bistro Aixois. I've posted about this very good restaurant before. Even though it has its annoyances, we simply could not pass up the sunny patio and the promise of something good to eat. It is a very good choice for lunch or dinner, but as we passed by 55th and Brookside at about 3pm, I wasn't sure if Aixois would even be open. A lot of these places close between lunch and dinner.

Imagine my delight at discovering the Aixois afternoon menu!


That's right, six days a week you can get a nice sampling of small plates that range from sandwiches to cheese plates to mussels from 2:30 to 5:30pm.

Not lunch, not dinner = perfect.

Oh did I mention that there is an afternoon drink menu too?

Yeah it's 9 bucks but that Aixois Rouge is something special. I'm going to be making a few of those this Thanksgiving, I promise.


So we sat there and had some alcoholic beverages, a great salad and perhaps the best shrimp cocktail I've ever had.


Then we took the long way home, because actual exercise would have just ruined a perfectly delightful afternoon.

Although this blog tends to be about the midweek working-person's meal, one shouldn't overlook the necessity of the weekend drunkard's lunch. Part of it was the spontaneity, part of it was the sheer genius of the idea, but this was one of the really good restaurant experiences I've had in Kansas City.

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Brian Rules the World said...

What? Aixois is open in the afternoons? I swear I've tried going there like 5 times and they're always closed... They must see me getting out of my ever-so-classy car with the broken door handle and the cracked windshield (yeah that's how I roll) and turn off the lights... French bastards... that's it. No more help if the Germans invade again.

Nuke said...

Mmmmm Armagnac is some good stuff. Your 'tini sounded pretty swell also. Sounds like a great visit all around.

Matty'sFood said...

I just discovored your blog yesterday, searching the web for Awesome Rueben at NY Deli. I love your blog!
How can you be reached offline, for comments, compliments not for publication?

DLC said...

Thanks for the nice words, Matty'sFood. You can reach me at bilevader@gmail.com for questions, comments, complaints, threats, and any other correspondence.

And Brian RTW, the afternoon hours are a new thing. I'm pretty sure I've tried to go in the past also and found them closed. Bring your wallet and check it out!

Shalana Frisby said...

I just found your blog and really like it! I need to read more of your posts to find new places for my husband and I to try in KC :)

DLC said...

Thanks Shalana, your felt work is tres cool too!

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