Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Los Corrals: 408 W 9th St

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I've passed this place a hundred times on the way to the Peanut (which is next door) but never had the guts to go in. Why are guts required, you ask? Well, for starters, the exterior is a thing to behold. It spans like three or four storefronts, has any number of potential entrances, features a few darkened glass windows, and has no awning and no sign. No sign of life that is. You literally have no idea what to expect when you open the door.

One day I saw some folks exiting the place and thought "holy christ, this place is actually a functioning restaurant!" And not some under-the-radar den of iniquity as I had surmised. So I went and had lunch one day.

To my amazement, the place was quite full, and absolutely enormous. It's like discovering a whole new world you never knew existed. Kansas City is weird because, compared to other places, it really is sparse and quiet on many city streets. Walking into this bustling place gave it the impression of a speakeasy or something.

But I digress. I always digress.

Have you had Mexican food in KC before? If so, you know what people like: hard tacos, ground beef and yellow cheese. Yeah, i know that stuff can be good, but it sure as hell ain't Mexican food. The service at Los Corrals is pretty damn fast, but our waitress had the demeanor of someone fresh out of the joint.

I like the option of some whitey tacos downtown, but if I had my preference I'd make the trip down to the excellent little place across from the Tivoli in Westport. Can't recall the name but them fish tacos are something special. It's in the most doomed restaurant location of all time, so go eat there.

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PV Pathfinder said...

I too have passed this joint many a time on the way to The Peanut. After working downtown for so long, going there was something you did on a dare. I stopped in once or twice as the result of a hastily played Triple Dog Dare, and mercifully, lived to tell about it. It's funny that you mention how fast the food is prepared, because I've often thought that it came out a little too fast (wink). I will give them credit for one thing... that was the first place I had ever seen (and subsequently purchased) Little Homies.

JanO said...

Los Corrals is one of our family traditions, and they have quite a local following. They have quick service, consistently good food. I recommend the guacamole, cheese enchiladas, chicken tacos, margaritas. It's true that KC has some awesome Mexican restaurants. What makes this one special to us is its longevity and the fact it is still family-owned after sixty plus years. It is a homey place, and I think you will enjoy it!

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